What is Journey Changing?

Every other week, I want to meet someone new and start a conversation.

I talk with them, get to know a bit of their story, and make a little short story inspired by them and and an artwork to go with it. I’ll post the artwork and the story on my Patreon page, Instagram, my website, and my Webtoon series, Journey Changing.

Start Reading a few on my blog by clicking here, or go on and read more about it.

How It Works.

So, when a friend is selected, I’ll give them some time to come up with their story. They can even come up with multiples if they can’t pick, they can send just a small paragraph, or even 20+ pages- I’ll read it all! Whatever is necessary. It can be a small thing that happened to you, or even your life’s story.

Once it’s sent, I’ll read it all and begin. I may ask you about your favorite colors, genres and styles you like, and may ask you to send a picture of yourself for character’s purposes, if you are comfortable with it. It’ll be posted whenever I get it done, to keep up with a schedule of every two weeks.

If you so choose, I will mail you any concept sketches I made! Then I will post the story and the artwork on the Journey Changing Webtoon, my Instagram, Patreon, and of course here on my website!

What to expect from this project.

Featured is a picture of an example from my own life.

“An enchanted bow. From a forest of youth, hands find the string and pull- and the Archer never misses in their eyes. To shoot the bow is to know in your mind to your core that you are good and true. But listen to my warning- Gold is of the enemy. Gold is laced with a transformative power- for the worse. It blinds you, and it’s one of the most powerful tools of the enemy. Gold is one of the few tools that silences The Voice- but with noise. Gold screams in your head with your own thoughts- above the voice and above His commands. Listen- because the gold will haunt you. A shiny, glittering metal- It’s deceptive. Rich yellow only hardens your heart- and you will hurt the ones you love with it. And if you see a Listener with gold – you only see a walking pawn of the enemy. And I know- because I’ve been shot with my own golden arrows.”

I used to be a very judgmental Christian. I judged my friend, she had severe anxiety, and I had sent her a letter telling her she needs to come to God and fix herself. It was wrong, my heart was in a terrible place, she couldn’t control this, and I was so high-and-mighty I only judged her for not being able to do things on her own. I believed God could help her, but it was my pride that told her she needed to fix herself for my convenience. I wanted her to be more like me and just not be scared. I made her feel like less than me, all to lift myself up.

I had realized what I had done very, very soon after I sent the text, but it was all too late. The damage had been done, and I would spend the next year learning how to find humility, come closer to God, and how to truly love people the way he commands.

Later, I developed my own anxiety, and faced something very similar to what she did with another friend. It was honestly quite beautiful, the way it all came around like that. 

What’s This Project About?

I want to hear the stories of the others in this world. 

What makes people who they are? 

What is something that happened to them that shaped the values that formed them into who they are?

What tragedies did they face?

How did that make them stronger?

What’s their greatest feat?

What turned you around?

Questions like this. I love hearing the stories that answer these questions. I want to know how you answer these questions.


Getting to know people on a deeper level is something I am extremely passionate about. I have met very few people who don’t hate small talk, and want to get to the real stuff.  What better way to skip that then ask  the question: “What makes you who you are? What stories do you have that changed you?” The most important thing about this project is getting to know you and serving you with what God has given me.

Now, between being a creator myself and also being a creation of God, you can find how I see the world and my life.

I love my life. Even when I hate my day-to-day life, (and trust me, I’ve had my seasons) I still find so much joy thinking about how all the good and bad working together. All the hurt I’ve faced, the times I felt so trapped in my situation it was hard to get up in the morning- the times I went through trying to ignore my hurt to times I felt so numb I didn’t know how I felt anymore- I always find joy through those times knowing this truth:

I am a character in the greatest story of all time. The best, most amazing story ever told, and that is the story of the universe we live in. All of mankind’s history, and this is the story I get to be part of. My own life is a wonderful story written by the greatest author known to man- the author of man Himself. Personally, it’s the idea that I get to know the creator of the universe and the author time and come closer to Him through these trials every day. 

But even if you aren’t religious, this is still something I believe anyone can take on for a more positive perspective on their lives.

Your life is a story. That’s why I call it Journey Changing. Life is your adventure becoming who you are. You are a character, you have strengths and weaknesses, trials and tribulations, good on your side, and bad against you- (even if it’s obvious or not-) and it’s all meant to make you a stronger character. It’s your tale of finding yourself. Your hero’s journey. That means bad things happen. But they don’t last forever, and even tragedies are beautiful. You will fail, you will mess up, you’ll do the wrong thing, and sometimes, you’ll even be the bad guy. But its learning from even that low point of your life how to have humility and turning around that you become better and deeper. 

And even the most horrible story has a silver lining, a beautiful lesson and a bittersweet feeling of a sense that everyone in the story is a little more them, they know a little more about who they are by the end.

Required Disclaimers:

I am putting this information here so people know where my lines are. This is ultimately a personal project, not a profitable service or anything. While I may not agree with everyone I meet, (because we all know that is incredibly unlikely) I’m still happy to tell stories and listen to them. But I still have to draw the line sometimes. I want my work to ultimately reflect myself, at least I do not want to make anything that contradicts myself. I want my work to represent God and I believe I am serving God above all else with my work. If I believe God would not be happy with my work, I will not make it. So please know, while reading these disclaimers, I’m not trying to make anyone feel like less or like their stories aren’t good enough. I simply am holding to what I believe and I honoring my God.


If the friend takes too long to come up with their stories, I will have to move on and return to them another week. (You will usually have a week to come up with it) 

I reserve the right to turn down a story for different reasons. 

Things like…

  • Overly sexual stories like please don’t send me that. If there is sex in your story I understand, it’s totally part of life, I just ask for no details. Have some taste. I don’t want to write these things, it’s just my preference. It makes me really uncomfortable and honestly, I don’t believe it’s right to write anything NSFW or excessively kinky. By my choice, I don’t include nudity, and if I involve sex in my stories, I keep it suggestive and I will never draw it or show it. I simply imply it happens and leave it at that.
  • Regarding the Homosexual Topics: Not gonna lie, terrified to post this. But If homosexuality it’s in your story, cool, it’s totally fine with me. But I just ask that it not be the main theme of the story. I don’t feel comfortable writing a gay romance, I simply don’t believe in it. If you are bothered by this, I absolutely, completely understand. And hear me out- I really respect if it as part of your story, and you define it as who you are, and again, I believe there is beauty in that. I can still be your friend and I can still appreciate all that you are- But if you have any other stories you can give me, I would much rather choose those.
    And again, I am totally open to discussion on your story if it involves this, the point is I simply just don’t want to write a gay romance. I don’t want to be associated with that as a Christian. I just don’t feel comfortable doing that when I don’t believe it is right.
    It would not be fair of you to ask me to go against my beliefs even if I still respect your right to yours. I would not ask you to write me a Christian story if you didn’t believe in it.
    Again, this is not an attack, not a judgment, it is simply because I do not believe in it. I am all for the LGBTQ+ community having a right to marriage, and I don’t wish any ill and I hope they all are happy and free to do as they choose. You can freely believe and live your life as you want- I’m not stopping you.
    If this still bothers you, I invite you to please read more about my view on this by clicking here and reading my blog entry about it. It is fair to you that you know where I stand on the subject, to know that you are still loved, and that I don’t think any less of you or devalue you for this decision. It is only because I am trying to honor my beliefs and my God, it is between me and God, and a decision I have already made, not me and you. It is not to silence the gay community, I don’t mind LGBTQ+characters, they’re real! I don’t deny it! They can be in a story! They can be represented. But I simply just don’t personally want to write a gay romance.  I write what I want man, and if you don’t like this then again, please read this. 
  • If you are of another religion than me, let’s talk about it. Chances are it really is fine. I am happy to even include this aspect of yourself in it, I only ask that as long as the theme or moral of the story does not actively contradict The Bible. Which, honestly, I’m sure is very unlikely. I only say it here to make sure this is established, but I am happy to include this if you so choose. Discussion may be needed on some circumstances, but I can’t imagine it would be very likely.
  • And finally, if you are a Christian and want to share your testimony, I think that’s awesome. But I do ask that it stays true to the Bible. I am absolutely not okay with spreading false prophecy or lies for that matter. Again, I am totally open to discussion, but it may involve more discussion, and this is a far more difficult subject than the homosexuality thing and I just would rather talk privately for your specific situation. Not to say if we disagree I won’t do it, I just don’t want to directly share anything the Bible does not say. But discussion about it will be necessary. I feel just as strongly, if not way more strongly about false prophesy after….the incident.