What Home is

Home is where you make it. Making something “home” means adding your touch wherever you go, while simultaneously accepting that place as part of yourself. Whether that be a physical place or a people, home is where you become part of something, and that something becomes part of you. When it begins to feel farmilar, when you start identifying memories with a place, when it becomes a setting in your story, or the people that make that home start to become characters in your life, and eventually, when parting with it is like parting with a piece of yourself, or closing a bittersweet chapter of a story, that’s when you know you made a home. And that’s how you know you can keep making more homes, more stories, and more memories.

That’s one of the first things my husband said to me, “Coffee is a wonderful thing-” Now we enjoy coffee together every morning and make every day our home. He is part of my home, and everyday is an adventure right in our own town- and even when we move soon, we’ll make new memories and live new stories to tell. I left my old home to be with him, and we keep pressing on to make more memories and grow together as God writes each day for us.