To Simply Be.

To Simply Be.

I’d like to gather the wings
Of many different birds.
The life that inhabits the sky,
Keeping their feathers to their kind.
Among this array of feathers
I could find myself admiring
The many forms of soaring
Gliding, and singing.

If I could find myself in the tangled jungle
Green, crawling with predators,
I could hear the distinct calls
Of the birds of paradise
And I would seek to acquire
The boldness stretched along their wingspan.
The colors, as loud as the trees
Despite the dangers of the places their nests claim
They take off in bright, fluorescent flight

As of the woodlands,
The desaturated sister of the jungle-
So silent my steps are careful not to disturb her-
I only know of the presence
Of the birds of prey.
In honor of these, I would request
the carefulness in each worthy swoop.
Silent, still, even in a killing catch
The balance they bring to their kingdom
When they take the life of the snake.

And even by my own nest,
The simple suburban neighborhood,
Where all four seasons pass by my window,
I love the mornings I hear my friends-
My neighborhood robins and such.
I would ask if they would lend me
A little lesson in humility.
I’d ask how to be truly pleasant,
To be a sweet compliment to those around me,
Because it shines through them when they sing.

While I’d never quite fully have these traits
In the way nature physically possesses them,
Each bird deeply and completely embodying
The qualities they have,
I watch them from the ground and let them teach me.
And I realize-
The only have one focus.
To Simply Be.