The True Stage – Victoria Barcroft

Where the shining costumes and flashy capes can swing and soar- they all drop like flies in the light of the true stage.

Where there is no net, and all that keeps the performance quite literally alive is the limbs that hoist it above the ground, few can survive when the spotlight shines on them. A blinding light few can handle, and lose sight of where they are, disoriented and uncoordinated- they fall.

In the light of the true stage, the spotlight will reveal the weight of who you are in the most physical sense- performers plummet when the brush of the light reveals the heavy metals of solid irons and golds weighing them down inside. Their pride, their fears- the worst of themselves, the light shows it to all.

She survived a fall. A nasty landing it was, but her beauty came through bright when she stepped on the stage again, realizing the beauty the stage also reveals inside it’s subjects.

The strength to perform after the revelation of who you are- there, that is true beauty. And on this true stage, twisting and flying once again, she sees, not only is she protected by her new armor of truth, but she can see in the light now, that the light showed her inner strength, that she is beautiful.