Recommended Products

Graphics Pen Tablets

Links to products, click the title to go see them and check em out for yourself.

Huion Inspiroy HS64 ($40)

Small, 6×4 drawing area, no screen, plugs into your computer. Good price. I started out on this. Great for starting out.

Ugee Graphics Drawing Tablet ($60)

Large, 10in x 6in drawing area, no screen, plugs into your computer. I currently use this one. I’ve been using it for about 8 or 9 years now and bought this same one two years ago when the prior one finally crapped out because I spill coffee on it regularly. Great tablet. Would probably survive the zombie apocalypse or bravely lead soldiers into battle. Pen has seen some shit. Still works and doesn’t even go to therapy. My highest recommendation.



CorelDRAW ($500)

Buckle in. I’m about to talk about CorelDRAW. It’s a vector program, and I could not do what I do without it. Words can not describe how much I love this program. If it became a human, I would divorce my husband and marry it. I’m gazing into it’s beautiful interface for hours a day and I’m love every second of it. It costs you your first born child BUT at least it only asks one time rather then asking for a monthly subscription. (Looking at you, Adobe Illustrator.)
If you’re looking into CorelDRAW…
I offer lessons for CorelDRAW and have a great workspace available to download if you use it or would like to learn to use it for graphic design, web comics, or… literally anything. I have used this program for over a decade. I use it from everything to general artwork to graphic design and print ready file types, to planning room arrangements, to CNC machines, to signing documents and scheduling stuff… I love this program.

Photoshop ($20 a month)

(You can get deals sometimes for like $10 a month)
You know it, you love it, and it costs money. But if you take art seriously and make money off of your work, it’s worth every penny. Consider if you have a business you should write off your subscription for it on your taxes.

Photoshop Alternative:
is Free, ain’t no Photoshop but I mean…