Agent Beck Rabytt is a carefree, off-the-wall spy, but as a feud between the family business and the competing business gets personal, Beck learns that the anger and vengeful nature in her family is more part of her than she realizes.

Project began June 2021.

Inspired by the song Wonderland,” by Caravan Palace and the game, I Expect You to Die, What started as simply shorts of a silly spy girl and her brother, evolved into a dramatic telling of a family of spies and a more emotional story of betrayal, vengeance, and mercy.




Welcome to the town of Nonesuch.
The rules are simple: You can not escape unless you leave with the person you came with. But as Connor and Bridget discover, finding your partner is not so easy when there are dozens of copies of them wandering the old western grounds of Nonesuch, itching to become more and more like their originals- questioning them, stalking them- until they know enough to become them and kill them.

Project began November 2019, and is currently being rewritten and reillustrated for Webtoon Originals. It is such an honor to be an originals creator for the biggest web comic platform in the world. Nonesuch was originally posted to Webtoon Canvas and was the #1 Thriller on Canvas. The Canvas version is 33 episodes long, and took ten months to complete.

A note from The Bitsy Artist:
This story is very personal, as it was inspired by my own fears and struggles as I battle with my own phobias and OCD. The cast comes face to face with their worst selves and their worst fears, and must learn how to spot them and rise above them in order to brace themselves against psychological torment of the clones. Nonesuch touches on insecurity, fear, and sin. With very dark undertones, the readers can expect a tense thriller and emotional ride as the characters learn more about each other and themselves.

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She was cursed, and all of humanity went unconscious.
The Erl King left Eva with a choice; Appease him- by killing herself and marrying him- or to suffer a lonely existence. Only True Love’s Kiss can break the curse and set her free from the perversion of the Erl King’s love, but it’s easy to lose hope in finding true love when the entire world is fast asleep.

The Bitsy Artist’s debut project, Lonely Awake, officially began in July 2019 and was completed November of 2019. The webcomic is 14 episodes long, and the hard copy is 426 pages with rewritten chapters and slightly updated artwork. It was a wonderful experience learning how to keep up a post schedule, interact with an audience, and print and release a book. Hard copies are very limited, and exclusively available for print on our website here.

A note from The Bitsy Artist:
The story was first inspired by a writing prompt in high school, and I decided to try making a little web comic out of it. As I was working on the story off and on after high school, while also building my graphic design business, I spent a lot of time by myself. My friends started seeing me less and less, being so far away in collage. And due to how much was working, I really didn’t see people often in general. I was struggling with loneliness and lack of direction, wondering what I wanted to do with my life. But, I was also falling in love with my now husband over the phone every night. After we got married, he encouraged me to focus solely on creating web comics and graphic novels, and now I’m living my childhood dream.
Lonely Awake touches on what real love is and overcoming fears and trauma around divorce. I drew a lot of my visual and theme inspiration from Christian values and Biblical stories, including The Garden of Eden and Creation. This story holds a very special place in my heart, being the story that kicked off my dream as an artist and writer, being a symbol of a special time of my life, being written as I was falling in love and learning who I was.