LIMITED 25 Bandana Box!


The package includes…

  • The complete story in 3 Signed Books- Assimilation, Integration, & Separation (over 700 pages total)
  • Additional pages of concept art and development commentary.
  • An original illustration from the author (drawn to order)
  • 5 Pages of the author’s chapter sketches.
  • 3 exclusive stickers
  • Bridget’s Bandana
  • Themed Packaging
  • An Alternate Ending from the Webtoon version.
  • Price includes shipping

To celebrate book releases, I always like to offer a limited package with the chapter sketches and a few extra fun things! These are LIMITED QUANTITY- only 25! So if you are hoping to get one be sure to order by November 27th!

Packages will be received by December 21st!

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