My Team

Audrey Fitch

Writer, Artist

Living with a small child that counts as a roommate. 24, dyslexic, dumb and has a dog. Hi, I’m Audrey, and I work for someone shorter than me and I love it. If I’m not drawing or helping with comics, you can find playing all sorts of games. My favorites are on the table top kind, but I also like the flavor of video games on my PC. 90’s christian music is my jam with peanut butter.
Instagram: @audreys_amateur_art

Martha Haynes

Writer, Artist

Storyteller, artist and dog enthusiast. My star sign is Hufflepuff (Slytherin rising) and I am hopelessly in love with two men. Jesus and my amazing fiance. “Love God and Love Others” are the words I live by and I am very blessed to be a part of the Bitsy Productions team. If you can’t find me in the company of my chaotic friends, I am most likely holed up in a library or café somewhere chugging copious amounts of coffee.
Instagram: @the_most_unsociable

JonMark Bickert

Writer, Panelist, Editor

I’m just a guy with interests in audio and computer hardware. Chill, loves his friends to death and would do almost anything for them. I’ve worked with more than a few webtoon dubs before, but now it’s time for the big leagues! When I’m not working hard (or hardly working) I’ll be passionately investing into my lovely girlfriend’s life, a few videos games, or DnD.
Instagram: @hebrahski

Kendall Taylor

Writer, Editor

I am known as “Deado” by the little ones in my life that can’t pronounce my name. You would likely catch me biking around town with a camera and eating out with friends or yelling at my screen in the middle of the night while playing video games online. In a 30 minute conversation with me, we would talk about funny stories or political dystopias. I love to shoot with my dad, sing for my mama, or listen to music in the car with my aunt. I’m grateful for all of the people and adventures God put in my life and I am always looking for more.
Instagram: @kendallt.taylor