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By The Bitsy Artist

Learning to draw is a fun, exciting experience.

It’s a tough thing to learn sometimes, but I personally believe if you start early enough, anyone can develop the skill.
Drawing isn’t just being able to duplicate what you see in a picture or real life. As corny as it sounds, it really is a way of seeing the world. A good artist sees the form, flow, color, texture, and value of everything around them. They understand the movement, emphasis, rhythm, unity, balance, and variety of their surroundings, and all it takes is the time, mindset, and practice to be able to mimic them on a piece of paper.

What does an online lesson look like?

I do it in a way I call sessions. I have a consultation with you over Instagram messenger, or Facebook messenger, text, or even a phone call or video call etc, whatever you prefer. I ask you to show me some of your current work, share your ideas with me, etc. After I know where you’re at, I will get to work on a video tailored just to you to help you, and provide a document with additional tips and tricks I think may help you.

If you feel it’s not enough, or you’re left with more questions, discussion is open! Although, because of time and energy, any more videos are an additional cost of $30. This is a side thing for me, and I have other work I need to prioritize!

What is a Session?

One session consist of a consultation and a response video. I’ll connect with you via the easiest way for you (Instagram direct message, Facebook messenger, text, even phone call if you’d prefer, etc.) and spend some time talking with you to learn where you are, ask for art examples you’ve made, and where you want to go with your work. After our consultation, I’ll work on a video and some tips for you to grow. From there, discussion is open, and I am happy to give tips as you need! If you would like additional video responses, they are $28 each. But I always like to say in touch with my students, and may check in every once and a while. 🙂

What Do You Want to Learn?


General Art – $25/Session

Learn the basic skills you need to draw anything. This includes teaching the student various exercises one-on-one according to their skill level.

Character Design $35/Session

More focused on finding your style and originality. Learn how to apply an artistic eye to aesthetically appealing characters, and how to incorporate their role in the story to their visual appearance.

Finding Your Style $40/Session

I’ve met so many artist who are looking for their style, when in reality, it’s just about learning who you are and discovering your artistic self. While there is no particular formula, I am happy to help you figure out a roadmap in a way, to see how you can develop your style and find your strengths and weaknesses, and give you the tools to start recognizing the flaws and strengths in your work to improve upon them and showcase them.

Writing A Web Comic $45/Session

A Beginning to end one-on-one series about plot development, character development & design, chapter planning and layouts, and even marketing tips to help you get your story out there. I can confidently say you will elarn lots of valuable information and it is a great start to learning how to see the world as an artist and writer.

Graphic Design $50/Session

If you’re considering a career in Commercial or Freelance Graphic Design, learn how to use CorelDRAW, Photoshop and more. Also learn how to apply artistic techniques to designs to make them marketable and printable. I myself used to be a graphic designer, so I can give you tips from my real experience in the work world, and what to really expect doing commercial graphics as a freelance artist.


 A little about your Instructor, Megan.

I love art, and I love people even more. Working with me is more than just an art lesson, because art is more than just an pretty picture. It’s a way of seeing your life and your world, because the world is the greatest masterpiece of all, and not even the best artist in all of time could compare to what our Creator has made for our eyes to see every day. I want to help you see your art through this lenses, because you can do so much more than just draw through it.

I have previous experience as a full-time graphic designer and illustrator, and am the author of Lonely Awake. I love working with new, young artists and helping them grow their passion into something even more than just a fun activity. My experience in the field and my lifetime growing and developing my artistic skill has taught me how to teach myself to draw and improve, an I want to help others get to a place where they can teach themselves to be better.

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The Truth.

I teach with the analogy, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” I want to show you how to teach yourself.
My lessons do not promise immediate results. But they do give you everything you need to begin growing in your skill. I’m focused on teaching you how to teach yourself, so my goal is that after a lesson or two you will no longer need me to be giving you intensive instruction. It’s up to you to take the lesson to heart, take your own time to grow, and be patient with yourself. Your instructional videos are yours to keep, to watch over and over as you need. I’m always happy to provide honest criticisms, ideas to help improve in areas you are having a hard time in, and encouraging you when you feel your art isn’t good enough.


To the parents of younger students.

Please note: I am not a licensed teacher, I do not have any degree in teachingbut I have years of experience in the workforce as an artist, and I can help your child develop a talent that they can actually use and teach them the skills they need as an artist to be successful in today’s job market.

This is a side thing for me. I genuinely love teaching, and I imagine you found me for my price being far cheaper than most art teachers. This is because I have no student debt I’m looking to pay off, and I already make enough working full time as a graphic designer and illustrator, so I can assure you I will be teaching your child at a good, agreeable price. I don’t want to waste your time or your money.

Learning to draw is a risk, and I want to minimize the consequences of that risk for you. Some people simply do not have the talent, (though, I think children have a much better chance of learning to think like an artist- being so young and abstract) and I don’t want you coming in thinking your child will be a professional artist, but I can say I will be taking the task of teaching your child seriously.

Some Commonly Asked Questions from Parents…

How should I be involved as a parent?

For starters, you don’t have to be involved any more than you’d like too. Involvement here doesn’t mean drawing with your kid, it literally just means be truly honest with them and giving some comments, criticism, and praise when they show you their drawings. Not even five minutes.
How should I go about giving constructive criticism?

I can meet with you over the phone or give you more info I’ve pre-written to help you give constructive criticism. Some parents are nervous about this or unsure how to do it without feeling like they may be hurting their child’s feelings. If this is something important to you, I am happy to give you some personal advice and assurance. I am not a parent myself, but my help comes from my own experience growing up as an artist. My advice is just that- advice, so take it with a grain of salt.

I do not advise “forcing” a child take drawing lessons with me if they are not personally interested.

I don’t think there is any harm in encouraging a child to find an interest or hobby, in fact, I think it’s a great thing. Force your kids to find something productive to do rather than watching them sit around doing nothing all day! They can develop a passion for something overtime, but, I have to argue, forcing a kid to do art isn’t always a good idea. Maybe ask your kids to do something less self-driven, seriously, go for it! I’m just trying to say that art involves a very strong personal desire to make any lesson worthwhile, and your child will likely not learn or grow during their lesson because they will not be open to learning. I’m telling you this to save you time and money. If your child has not shown a particular interest in art, I do not suggest you sign them up for lessons, especially with me, because you will very likely not get results. I’m going to ask your kid what they want to learn to draw, to show me their current skill, and what they want to be when they grow up, so if they don’t want to learn I can’t help them. Again, I highly encourage pushing your kids to try new things, but art, especially learning with me, is not one you can force a child to attempt to enjoy, or anyone for that matter.


More Commonly Asked Questions

Who learns best with Megan?

An ideal student- one that will find the most growth- is one that is willing to learn and be patient with themselves. I can then teach a student to detach themselves from their work and I can teach them to see art as a constant development. Being too emotionally attached to your creations causes you to be unable to grow, and sometimes unwilling to share or accept good criticism.

Students who seek to learn to draw must come in with an attitude to learn for no one but themselves, to learn how to draw to be a better artist, not the best artist. Learning to draw to gaining approval from others or impress other people will not ever leave you deeply satisfied with your work- but will discourage you from leaving your comfort zone and ultimately result in the death of your passion.

Artists who want the best and most productivity in their lessons need to be open-minded and excited individuals, so if you do not have at least a desire to be this way, I strongly advise you do not take my class.

Another quality of a good student is they keep in contact with me and are open to criticism. “Sensitive student” does not mean they take criticism personally- in fact, it means the opposite. A sensitive student is sensitive to the comments on their work, taking them all into consideration and applies them as much as possible. They don’t see criticism as an attack on their work or themselves, they see it as an opportunity to make it better.


How much does it cost to be an artist? Supplies, lessons, etc.

Art is potentially a very cheap hobby, but, it is also a potentially an expensive one- depending on what mediums you want to use. I can meet with you to talk about good, cheap mediums, materials, and resources to start with as a beginner depending on your interest level and your budget and lifestyle. For children, some mediums may require more supervision and assistance, and I’m happy to advise parents if they are not sure where to start.

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