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A Little About The Bitsy Artist, Megan.

I’ve been drawing quite literally since I was able to hold a crayon.

My entire life I’ve have had a huge passion for growing my skills to and using them in as wide a variety as I can. Growing up, my dad was a business owner making websites and I often did work for him. That is how I found my knack for digital art and graphics. Now, I design original shirt designs, make digital artwork and acrylic paintings, and I write web comics and graphic novels.

But being an artist to me is so much more than just drawing. Being an artist is a way of seeing the world through a lens of beauty and passion. I get lost looking into the the painted canvas that is my own life, seeing all the wonderful and beautiful things that come my way- the moments, the people, everything that is good and bad- all flowing together in an incredible way to form the person I am now, the relationships I have now, and the future that is to come. It’s when I see those still shots in my head of my memories, and when the little things of my life wave hi to me, like a good cup of coffee symbolizing the start of a new day, or my desk introducing me to what I might create there today. Being an artist is about abstracting the things in my life to understand them more- defamiliarizing everything and redesigning it in my head to understand myself, others, creation, and God more.

As long as I have been drawing, I’ve been making up stories and immersing myself in “La la Land” (as mom puts it) just as long. I love storytelling, because stories are for helping us see our world from a new perspective, and I want my stories to reach into the issues around us and touch on the things we’re sometimes too afraid to look at in ourselves. Personally, storytelling played a huge role in my life helping me appreciate the greatest story of all- the one written by the Greatest Author and the Best Creator of all time- God. I am a passionate follower of Christ. It’s life-changing, the fact that Jesus died for me, so that my sin would not separate me from Him, and that I might be able to pursue a relationship with the Creator of the Universe, that the Author of my life designed me to get to know Him, and He has the best story laid out ahead of me, full of great and exciting moments, but also horrible and treacherous trials, all meant to grow me and draw me closer to Him. I live out my life as an adventure pursuing His perfect Will for my life, and going through any means necessary to share this wonderful truth we’ve all been so blessed to be a part of, and the fact that we have a job as a creation to seek Him.



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