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Bitsy & Company

We are a team of storytellers and artists telling a young generation stories that inspire and challenge the roots of our culture and bring us to confront the dragons in ourselves. We’re on a journey to stir things up and do the hard things. We don’t wonder where our society is going, we take part in showing the world what love, truth, and being human really means.


Meet The Team


Our Projects

Beck Rabytt

Agent Beck Rabytt knows no bounds. Except, of course, the ones her handler sets for her. Follow Beck as she uses a bit of wit and maybe the occasional unconventional approach to solve the case, but most importantly, to shoot a few bad guys.

Coming Soon


Welcome to the town of Nonesuch. The rules are simple: You can not escape unless you leave with the person you came with. But as Connor and Bridget discover, finding your partner is not so easy when there are dozens of copies of them wandering the old western grounds of Nonesuch, itching to become more and more like their originals- questioning them, stalking them- until they know enough to become them and kill them.

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Lonely Awake

After being cursed by The Erl King, Eva was left with a choice; Appease this undead king of the forest- by killing herself and marrying him- or to suffer a lonely existence. Only True Love’s Kiss can break the curse and set her free from the perversion of the Erl King’s love, but it’s easy to lose hope in finding true love when the entire world is fast asleep.