The Bitsy Artist

My entire life I’ve have had a huge passion for growing my skills to use them to serve anyone who needs them. I love being the creative person God made me to be, and I love watching the story of my life unfold in the most beautiful way- all according to His plan. I create Original Shirt Designs, Graphic Novels, Storyboards, Paintings, and more Custom Artwork.

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And Some Of My Favorite Stories I’ve Made…


An underground market for a pill that makes a copy of the partaker is in full swing. The creator of the pill has long disappeared, her clones left to manage the sales and keep it all hidden.

Lonely Awake

After being cursed by The Erlking, Eva was left with a choice; Appease this undead king of the forest- by killing herself and marrying him- or to suffer a lonely existence. Only True Love’s Kiss can break the curse and set her free from the perversion of the Erlking’s love, but it’s easy to lose hope in finding true love when the entire world is fast asleep.

Mr. Clarkson’s Typewriter

A short story in letters following a man with a mysterious typewriter receiving messages from an invisible guest.